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Requesting Items from Other Libraries

BELS Schools have two options for ILL- requesting items through JerseyCat or by borrowing materials from the 36 BELS member schools using Destiny. Items borrowed within Destiny are checked out directly to the patron, all within the same catalog system. We have Destiny guides for both library administrators and students. Only Library staff can request JerseyCat items, though patrons may search the catalog as well. Items requested through JerseyCat can be processed using this guide.

ILL Policies and Procedures

Check your ILL requests every day
Notify Abigail if a request has not been filled within 3 days
Always place requests using the ILL system
Always manage requests using the ILL system (by clicking “Ship It”)
Make sure the barcode of the item you send matches the barcode on the request
If you receive an item with a non-matching barcode, notify Abigail
If you cancel or reject a loan and then find the item, notify Abigail to reset the loan
If a book arrives that is not registered in the ILL system notify Abigail to reset the loan
Make sure to stamp the ILL slip and add the shipping date
Use the correct slip for the destination school (these can be printed directly from our member directory– look for the delivery truck icon). Pay extra attention when filling Northern Valley loans since they have two separate ILL slips
Return student materials within 4 months from checkout
When all requested classroom sets have been received, please contact Abigail to establish the 3 month due date (with a 1 month grace period).
When you receive a *damaged* ILL item please take a photo of the book and email that to the lending librarian. Unless this step is taken to establish the condition of the book prior to student use, the borrowing library will assume all responsibility to cover any damage cited by the lending library
Lost materials due to ILL delivery Every fall each district will be charged a $15 ILL fee which will be used to cover costs of items lost to delivery

*Members requested that Abigail send a letter to any district whose books have not been returned within 4 months from the checkout date. In September, districts will be billed for any unreturned materials.

Item Delivery

BELS schools are provided bi-weekly delivery courtesy of LibraryLinkNJ. You can request delivery services by filling out this application. See Abigail for further info.

Delivery Slips: Print 3 to a page on a standard letter size, vertical sheet of paper. Notes for sending books out to loan or returning after borrowing:

  • Your library’s name should be stamped on the back
  • The slip should be white
  • The date you are sending the book out (the pick-up date, not the date you prepared it) should be written on the front
  • The book should be put in a ziploc and the slip should be placed inside the ziploc on top of the book, fully visible once the bag is sealed. The bag should be folded to fit and rubber-banded. Avoid tape whenever possible and never roll paperback books.
  • Fill this out by the 10th of the month with the total number of packages (not individual books) shipped
  • These should be printed out and kept in the media center
  • Tally each package you are sending
  • The driver should initial these sheet at each pick-up
  • Keep a hard copy of these forms for a year
  • Highlight your pick up days on the sheet and mark the days that school is closed so the driver knows
  • Use each day that school is closed so the driver knows not to make the trip.