BELS October Meeting and Google Training

Cosponsored by Bergen Community College’s Sidney Silverman Library

Training Day is mandatory and will address a variety of BELS programs and cover training in different areas.

Morning portion:
BELS Programs and Initiatives (click link for meeting agenda)
Destiny Updates
Personal Learning Network focus group
Battle of the Books
BELS Mobile Makerkits

Afternoon portion: Google Training
Understand the benefits of working in the cloud
Transform a lesson from a paper and pencil format to a cloud-based format
Identify the components of digital citizenship
Discover tools which enable students to research properly and efficiently
Connect job skills with the need for 21st century classroom learning
Digital Citizenship and Makerspaces – New Roles for Library Media Specialists

Location: Bergen Community College – Lyndhurst Campus – 1280 Wall St Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

There will be printed signs directed us where we can park for our event.

Fifth floor- Room C503


Session begins at 9:30 and ends at 3pm

Please bring your LAPTOP!!

Please bring a lunch or be prepared to purchase food from the cafeteria.

Check-In Attendees
Training Day