Monday, January 30th at the New Milford Public Library 10am-12:45pm.

BELS Business meeting and committee time will be followed by a workshop on 3D Printing with Doug Baldwin -Emerging Technology Librarian at Piscatatway Public Library, and Veronica Armour – Instructional Designer at Seton Hall University. After the session, the Honors Society Committee will meet concurrently with Veronica Armour’s expansion on Instructional Design.

Please bring your laptop computer (not a tablet)!

  1. Call to Order  – 10am
  2. President’s Report
    1. Executive Board Intro
  3. Committee Time
  4. Consortium Coordinator’s Report
    1. Billing update
    2. Estimates for 2017-18 (voting on fee increase)
  5. Old Business
    1. Database trials and feedback, World & I, ebook consortium purchases
    2. Follett Rebate reminder
    3. Author Visit Reminders
  6. New Business
    1. NJ Makers Day
    2. eBook and Destiny Discover, Destiny January Upgrade
    3. Staying relevant- Info Lit in current events
    4. Book club
  7. Adjournment

200 Dahlia Dr. New Milford NJ 07646

Check-In Attendees
Meeting 2