BELS CC Meeting and Maker Workshop

The upcoming meeting and workshop will take place in the New Milford Public Library (meeting agenda below). We will be starting a bit earlier than usual, as requested, at 9:30am.

At 11 we plan to start the Maker Workshop which will include both exploration of the BELS MakerKits and training in the Engineering Design Process for our participation in NJ MakersDay. We will be joined by Doug Baldwin, the Piscataway Public Library’s Emerging Technology Librarian who is also the project leader for this statewide event which incorporated over 130 participating sites in 2015.

To get the most out of our session, we are asking for attendees to help out by bringing along some supplies. Please read the list below and when you RSVP please add in the comment section what you are able to bring along. Items in gray are already spoken for, but you can feel free to bring in a bit more too. Thank you!

  • cardboard
  • glue
  • paper clips (different sizes)
  • hot glue guns (with hot glue)
  • rubber bands
  • bottle caps
  • plastic bottles
  • construction paper
  • aluminium foil
  • plastic wrap
  • craft sticks
  • thumb tacks
  • twine or string
  • exacto knives or scissors
  • plastic cups
  • clothespins
  • rulers
  • tooth picks or wooden skewers
  • pipe cleaners
  • straws
  • brass brads
  • clear, masking and/or duct tape
  • jar lids
  • markers
  • etc!

Council Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Abigail)
  3. President’s Report
    1. Welcome to new member (Karyn Lewis from Wood-Ridge)
  4. Consortium Coordinator’s Report
    1. Follett Rebate
    2. PD Session
  5. Committee Reports- recruitment, new meeting format
    1. Website Committee- Krista Welz – Design Mentor Program, job postings
    2. PAC/Circulation Committee- Karen Giblin
    3. Outreach Committee
    4. Bulk Purchasing Committee expand to eBook Committee
  6. Old Business
    1. Badges
    2. Damaged ILL Policy – Missing in Transit Policy
  7. New Business
    1. Delivery Tracking ILL
    2. JerseyCat Loans
    3. Results of Development questionnaire
    4. Twitter
  8. Adjournment

Check-In Attendees
BELS CC Meeting and Maker Workshop