abigail bacon

October 2, 2017

Dumont HS Gets Magically Madeover

I did a decor overhaul myself this year- I transformed my media center (within fire regulation limits) into Hogwarts! I crafted a lot of the items myself, and even did a bunch of sewing for the various creatures you see as pictured below. I'm also running [...]
September 18, 2017

Discarded Books Become Library Art

Northern Valley Old Tappan students created a ‘Book Wonderland’ in the fiction section of the Library Media Center. Katie Choi, Kirsten Murphy, Logan Ruscick, and Susie Knaack spent six weeks in May and June working on the wonderland as their ‘Senior [...]
June 13, 2017

BELS MakerKits Bring Making to Your Library

Wood-Ridge Jr/Sr High School’s Career Exploration Class concluded the marking period with a Career Fair. The eighth grade students from Eileen Layman’ class used the database Naviance to take surveys on personal interests, [...]
April 5, 2017

BELS Librarians Plan Amazing NJMakersDay!

In our second year of NJMakersDay participation, BELS libraries brought even more energy and enthusiasm to the table. Our media specialists put a lot of time and effort into their programs and as you can see from the photos below, the [...]